How To Remove Candle Wax From Laminate Flooring And Carpets

Wax stains on the carpet. Candles can easily become a fire hazard. Even if you use them safely, you can have other drawbacks, such as wax stains on floors and carpet. Depending on their composition, wax stains can be easily removed or can cause serious damage to your floors and carpets. If you’ll follow the instructions carefully, you will be …

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3 natural ways to freshen up a stinky carpet

Every time you’re doing general cleaning you wash your carpets or you take them to a dry cleaning service. But the stench may return in a few weeks, either because of food, pets or cigarette smoke. Here are three simple solutions to get rid of it with less effort. Baking soda removes odors source Sprinkle an appreciable amount of baking …

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