How To Clean And Disinfect A Greasy Microwave Using Natural Solutions

The microwave can get very dirty, and its components can be removed very easily so you can clean them. But, there are a few household tricks for you housewives to clean the microwave effortlessly using natural solutions.

How to clean the microwave with lemon quick and easy

You need:
– 1 lemon
– a glass bowl
– a clean cloth, or paper towels

Pour half a cup of water into the bowl, cut the lemon in half and squeeze its juice in the bowl.
Put the bowl in the microwave and microwave it for 3minutes at high temperature. Don’t open the door just let the steam there for 5 minutes.

Remove the bowl and using a cloth or paper towels, wipe the interior of the microwave. You’ll see how easily all the grease and hardened food will be cleaned.

How to clean the microwave with vinegar

Vinegar is a bit more effective than lemon in removing old grease stains and hardened food inside the microwave. All you have to do is add 2 tablespoons of vinegar in a bowl with water and a few drops of citrus essential oil.
The steam will do its job! Repeat the same procedure as above.

Image Credits: Readersdigest and Homedit

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