How to remove brown stains from the toilet bowl

Cleaning the toilet bowl is not a pleasant thing to deal with, but it is absolutely necessary if you want to maintain a good hygiene in your home.

Toilet bowl edgings can gather a lot of bacteria, so it is good to clean it often.

You just need a toilet liquid detergent, an all surfaces spray detergent, a toilet brush and some paper towels. Don’t forget to use cleaning gloves.

Step 1. Spray the all surfaces cleaner on the toilet lid, both above and below it, on the water tank and on the toilet bowl edgings.

Step 2. Pour liquid detergent inside the toilet bowl and on the sidelines. Let it act.

Step 3. Clean the toilet lid, the tank and all its surfaces using paper towels.
If necessary, rub the dirt gathered in tight areas with a toothbrush.

Step 4. Clean the bowl inside using the toilet brush until you remove all limescale and dirt.
Flush several times to thoroughly rinse hard water deposits.

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