1-Dollar Method To Remove Ink Stains From Ceramic Sink

Every single mom around the world may say that she faced with many creative and hard-to-remove stains done mysteriously by someone. Shh, we don’t know that stranger who came into our homes and draw the walls or spilled ink on the bathroom sink and tub.

After hanging the laundry in the backyard, I came back into to house, and I almost fainted when I saw the bathroom: ink stains all over the place!

Great! And I say great because removing ink from porcelain is rather easy, because this material is not very demanding, and fortunately, there are a variety of products that can remove ink stains from sink and bathtub.

You need:
– hairspray
– rubbing alcohol
– cotton cloth

Removing method:

Spray a significant amount of hairspray over the ink stain, and let it act for a few minutes, but not so long to dry. Next step is to use a cloth to remove the wipe the area. You may repeat the process again.
The final step is to moist a cotton cloth in rubbing alcohol and rub gently the area, in case there are ink traces left on the porcelain surface.

Image Credits: Awqinc

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