19 Tricks And Natural Solutions To Remove Stains From Clothing

When it removing stains from clothes, any housewife knows a small trick, and I’ve decided to make a collection of tricks and natural remedies to get rid of all sorts of stains from clothes. So, keep your clothes clean without ruining them with harsh detergents.

1. Red wine stains can be removed with white wine. Cover the stain with white wine, then add baking soda over it and let solution to take effect for a few hours, and then wash it normally.
2. If you have dropped oil on your favorite leather bag or any other leather item, you can add talcum powder over it and let it act overnight. In the morning the oil stain will disappear. In case if there’s a small trace on your shoes, repeat the process.
3. Due to its active surfactants, the dishwashing detergent is very good for removing grease and oil stains from clothes.
4. The makeup stains from the collar of your favorite shirts can be removed with shaving foam.
5. If you have wax stains on your coat, put a piece of paper over the stain and iron it. The wax will impregnate into the piece of paper, and it will disappear quickly.
6. You can get rid of stains from suede with an old slice of bread. Let a piece of bread for a few days to dry, and then use it to clean the stains from suede by rubbing gently. If suede has a worn aspect, use a rubber or a nail file to restore its aspect.
7. Lipsticks stains can be removed with hair spray.
8. If blush or eye shadow breaks in your purse or vanity case, use cleaning wipes to absorb all the scattered powder.
9. Have you stained your silk dress with perfume? Moisten a piece of gauze into rubbing alcohol and clean the stain.
10. Sweat stains can be removed with a mixture made from tartar powder, aspirin and water. Let it act for 20 minutes then clean it with warm water
11. The water marks on your leather boots will disappear if you add a few drops of vinegar in a bowl of cold water and clean the stain with a soft brush. Let it dry overnight!
12. The glass cleaning solution brings back the brightness of your leather shoes and purses, without ruining the leather.
13. Use a slice of lemon to remove the uneven bronze traces from your body.
14. Have you spilled tea or coffee on your clothes? Cover the stain with lukewarm water, and then add a few drops of glycerin.
15. Before washing the t-shirts of sweat stains, spray lemon juice over them. Natural acid dissolves traces of sweat that could turn into yellow spots.
16. If you stained a silk clothing piece with chocolate, remove the thick layer and then wash it with warm water and soap.
17. Blood stains can be removed if you immediately apply a mixture from cold water and ammonia in equal parts. Let it for 20 minutes then wash it.
18. If you want to get rid of ink stains on cotton, clean the stain with some rubbing alcohol or vodka then wash it normally.
19. Don’t forget that the stained areas on your clothes should be cleaned without rubbing, else the stain will impregnate even more in the fabric.

Image Credits: Louthianlaw and Lifehacker

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