2 Steps To Remove Burnt Grease From Pyrex Cookware

One of the most annoying cleaning tasks is removing all that burnt grease from Pyrex cookware. It all starts with small and tiny invisible grease stains which turn into ugly brownish stains in the upper side of the pot. Wondering what happened with your sparkling Pyrex cookware? Yeah, me too!

Anyhow, you should know that there is one successful method that will easily remove each tiny burnt grease spot off your Pyrex cookware.

So, grab the below ingredients and utensils and bring back the spark on your Pyrex pots:

  • baking soda
  • water
  • ammonia
  • spray bottle
  • dish sponge

Steps to follow:

First, you have to moisten the sponge in water, and dip the damp sponge in baking soda.

The next step is to scrub the burnt areas with baking soda until they are completely removed. I want to be honest, you may have to scrub a bit, but the results will be remarkable.

Now, rinse the glass pot with plenty of water. If there are some tiny burnt spots left, don’t rush in scrubbing again the surface. Just pour equal parts of ammonia and water in a sprayer, and spray over the burnt spots. Now, you can start scrubbing again the stains.

Rinse with plenty of water, and you can repeat the process from the beginning if it’s necessary or the burnt marks are pretty ugly.  

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