5 Cleaning Hacks To Control Dust In Your Home

You dust the whole furniture in the house, and in a few hours you realize that the furniture is dusty again? Yes, sometimes it seems impossible to get rid of the dust from your house. But, not anymore if you use some simple tricks!

Wipe the furniture with wet baby towels
They keep dust at a distance, and you won’t risk by raising the dust in the air like when you wipe the dust with a cloth or dust broom.

Wipe the dust from all objects
If you leave dusty objects, it’s obvious that you won’t get rid of it. So when you clean it, clean everything that is dusty: mirrors, TV, frills, remote control, etc.

Use soft brushes to get into hard-to-reach corners
A toothbrush that you don’t use anymore can be of great help in removing hard-to-reach, dusty and dirty spaces. But choose a soft toothbrush.

Wash the curtains regularly
They should be washed at least 3 times a year, as they accumulate a large amount of dust and dirt, which spreads into the house every time you touch them, especially when you want to open the window.

Clean the plants
The plants are full of dust, too. From time to time, it’s good to clean the dust from each plant leaf. Use a 3: 1 solution of water and beer, and with a cotton pad dipped in this solution, wipe each plant leaf.

Image Credits: Thehappierhomemaker

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