7 Steps On How To Clean Suede Items Like A Real Suede Master

Suede is a great and appreciated fabric, loved by many people for its elegancy. But it’s extremely sensitive and it stains easily. Also, it’s recommended not to clean suede using the washing machine, because you can ruin it.

Below you have 7 tips to clean suede without ruining the fabric.

1. Use a damp cotton towel to rub gently the suede surface until the dirt/dust disappears.

2. If your favorite suede clothing items have visible stains, soak the cotton towel in a solution made of equal proportion of water and vinegar.

3. After removing the stains, rub suede items with a slightly damp cloth to avoid the appearance water traces.

4. After washing, leave suede to dry at room temperature.
Avoid placing it near any heat-generating source, because the fabric may get wrinkled.

5. It is good to know that in markets you can find special sprays and brushes for cleaning and maintaining suede items.
Applying this solution regularly will give a waterproof film to your suede shoes and clothes, making it easier to clean.

6. Another stain removal solution from your suede shoes or clothing items is the eraser.
Use it to “erase” stains on the surface of suede, and then remove the eraser traces with a special suede brush.

7. To refresh those glossy portions of suede surfaces, soak a soft brush into a mixture made of 200 ml of milk and 1 teaspoon of baking soda.

Image Credits: Lifestabilizer

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