8 Secrets a Plumber Won’t Tell You For Free!

It may seem counter-intuitive for a plumbing company to give homeowners secret tips that will help them AVOID calling a plumber out to the house, but sometimes there are simple fixes that homeowners can quickly and easily do themselves. Quite frankly, there is no need to pull the wool over the eyes. For better or for worse, at one point or another most plumbing systems will require major repairs or upgrades.

You won’t believe how much money you could save on bathroom plumbing jobs, in particular, if you follow this article.
So let’s take a look here at 8 little plumbing mishaps you can take care of yourself.

🔴 Always know where your stopcock is located.

At least this way you can stop a leak yourself, before ruining the rest of your home!

🟠 Replacing your own toilet flush is simple enough for anyone to do it.

Just follow the instructions on the packet and you’ll be fine!

🟡 Don’t believe the hype about flush-able wipes.

There’s no such thing, as they all clog your drain eventually. Stick to toilet paper.

🟢 Replacing a washing machine hose is a two minute job.

You can get the parts at any DIY store and fit them easily.

🟣 No drain cleaner in the toilet!

This is a big no-no…if you can’t get your toilet pipes to clear with a plunger then call for help before doing damage to your pipes! And sewer pipes are not the type of pipes you want to break.

🟣 Turn off outdoor faucets in winter.

If you don’t, you’ll run the risk of frozen pipes that can be really serious.

🟤 I dropped my ring down the sink, call the plumber!

While most plumbers would be happy to come charge you an hour’s labor for a 2 minute job, all you’ve got to do here is get a bucket, set the bucket under your P-trap, and remove the clean-out. Nine times out of ten your ring, along with some other “goodies” will fall safely into the bucket.

⚪ Reputable plumbers will come and assess a problem for free.

If they charge you just to come and quote for the work, say no!

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