Back To Basic: How To Remove Burnt Grease Residues From Clay Pots

This new age makes us want to go back in time sometimes to get rid of the noise, toxicity…in other words – to live a peaceful life. The same situation is available when we choose our cookware. I can’t deny that stainless steel and ceramics aren’t a great option for cooking pots, because they are, but, lately, I’ve been using clay cookware and, honestly, food has a different taste. Delicious!

Anyhow, clay pots are great to cook in, but after several uses, the inside of the pot accumulates some black residues that are very hard to remove.

Surprisingly, after using baking soda and vinegar the black residues were still there, and that caught me unguarded. The only solution to remove burnt residues from clay pots was salt.

You need:

– coarse salt
– harsh brush
– hot water
– rubber gloves

How to clean burnt clay pot?

  • Fill half a sink with hot water. The water must be hot to remove (melt) the grease on the pot, but be careful not to burn your hands. Use rubber gloves so you can stand the high temperature.
  • Now, sprinkle coarse salt on the interior of the pot and start scrubbing vigorously using the harsh dish brush. Repeat this process until you remove any trace of burnt.
  • You can use coarse salt to rub the entire clay pot, because grease will be easier to remove this way.
  • Leave the clay pot to dry in the sun.

Image Credits: The-Green-House

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