How to clean iron soleplate with natural products

Iron can be a real headache if we don’t know how to clean it after each use. Learn how to clean your iron soleplate with natural products. Vinegar method Prepare a solution of water and vinegar (equal parts). Fill the iron tank to 1/3 of its capacity and turn the steam on for 5-10 minutes or until all of the …

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How to remove salt stains off your shoes

Snow can leave salt stains on shoes which are very difficult to remove from certain materials, such as leather. You need: – water – clean cloth – white vinegar – 1 onion How to proceed: Moisten the cloth and remove as much salt as possible. If the stains are fresh, they will be removed easier, so don’t leave your boots …

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How to get rid of bad odor inside the washing machine

When the washing machine is new, the clothes are clean and have a fresh scent that lasts a long time, but as time goes on, an unpleasant odor appears inside the tank. There are several ways to remove the bad smell inside the washing machine. 1. Select the program that uses hot water Lately, big companies have created detergents able …

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Best 5 solutions to get rid of mold

Some advanced solutions given by specialists can permanently remove mold, others are only temporary. Paints and antifungal additives do nothing but transferring the mold to your neighbors. You have 5 solutions to get rid of mold: polystyrene thermal insulation on the outside of the building, special additives paints, implantation of certain chemical solutions in walls or the electro-cybernetic method, the …

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How to clean stubborn stains out of a mattress

Proper resting is very important for a good health. For a good sleep you need a good quality mattress that doesn’t need to be packed with dangerous bacteria and mites. Consequently, mattress must be cleaned regularly. Mattress general cleaning Removing dust and invisible residues accumulated on the mattress surface should be performed regularly, and the frequency needs to be higher …

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