Best 5 solutions to get rid of mold

Some advanced solutions given by specialists can permanently remove mold, others are only temporary. Paints and antifungal additives do nothing but transferring the mold to your neighbors. You have 5 solutions to get rid of mold: polystyrene thermal insulation on the outside of the building, special additives paints, implantation of certain chemical solutions in walls or the electro-cybernetic method, the …

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How to clean stubborn stains out of a mattress

Proper resting is very important for a good health. For a good sleep you need a good quality mattress that doesn’t need to be packed with dangerous bacteria and mites. Consequently, mattress must be cleaned regularly. Mattress general cleaning Removing dust and invisible residues accumulated on the mattress surface should be performed regularly, and the frequency needs to be higher …

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