Complete Guide To Clean A Greasy Deep Fryer

My family loves French fries and that’s why I purchased a deep fryer, because I was done with doing fries in the skillet. Anyhow, cleaning a skillet is easier than cleaning a deep fryer, but there are methods in getting this oily job done in seconds!

It may seem hard in removing all those oily residues, but it’s wrong. The only thing you should be concern is time, because you will need like half an hour to clean the deep fryer.

So, follow the next steps and you will have a non-oily deep fryer.

You need:

– strong dish detergent
– water
– baking soda
– paper towel
– plastic scraper

Cleaning process:

The first thing you need to do is to turn the fryer off and let the oil cool down. Then, you can drain it safe from the fryer into another container.

The second step is to scrape all the brunt oil build up inside the fryer, and then remove it by gathering them up with paper towels.

Now, fill the fryer with water and add dish soap, about 1 cup and a half (I use Dawn dish soap) and agitate the water slowly to incorporate the dish soap in water.

Turn on the fryer and let the water boil in the fryer for 7-10 minutes to remove all the oil from the fryer walls.
After the boiling process you can turn off the fryer and let the water cool down then drain the water in a container.

Wipe well the fryer walls with paper towels, and then prepare a baking soda paste. Use a sponge to rub this paste all over the fryer walls using circular movements.

At the end, rinse well with water and you will have a perfectly clean deep fryer.

Image Credits: Thriftyfun

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