Don’t Be Blue! How To Remove Blue Toilet Cleaner Stains From Toilet Seats

If you just cleaned the bathroom and you used chemicals to disinfect the toilet bowl, I’m pretty sure that blue stains appeared on the toilet seat.

Those commercial liquid toilet cleaners are great to clean the ceramics, but when you use them to disinfect the toilet seat some unsightly blue stains will remain on it.

These stains can’t be removed only with water. You have to use some other harsh chemicals such as bleach to remove it, but bleach attack the plastic surface of the toilet seat.

Anyhow, there are other methods in removing blue dye stains from toilet seats without damaging the plastic.

You need:

– rubbing alcohol
– paper towels
– dish soap

How to:

The first step is to rinse the area thoroughly with water to remove any trace of toilet cleaner.
Now, soak paper towels in alcohol and wrap the stained toilet seat in it and cover it with plastic foil. Let it act for half an hour, and then moisten a sponge in water, apply dish soap over it, squeeze it to make a foam. Remove the paper towels from toilet seat and clean with the soapy sponge. Use water to rinse it and you’ll no longer see any trace of blue dye stain in the toilet seat.

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