Easy Job! 2 Steps To Whiten Yellowed Plastic Items

Over time, white plastic turns yellow if it’s exposed to intense light or direct sunlight. It seems to be a chemical reaction when plastic meets strong light.

The thing is that this type of discoloration gets a bad aspect over the plastic item, making it look “vintage” in a bad way.

Anyhow, the entire aspect of yellowed white plastic can be easily changed and brought back to its initial color with a super easy and simple method.

Needed items:

– fine sandpaper
– water
– cotton cloth

How to restore the color of yellowed plastic

1. Easy as Sunday morning! Just sand off the top layer of the yellowed plastic item completely until the white layer appears.

2. The next step is to use the damp cotton cloth and to remove any trace of dust from the plastic surface.

3. Restoration is done! Your yellowed plastic items are white again!

Image Credits: Tested

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