Effective Way To Remove Grease And Dirt Stains From Textile Upholstery

Upholstery sofa has a nice aspect and you can buy it on different prints and colors, but sometimes its can be a real challenge maintain it clean, especially of you have kids. Textile upholstery attracts stains like a magnet, and daily friction leaves unsightly black stains on the sofa’s handhold, making it disgusting.

The problem appears in the moment when you want to clean the textile upholstery because you can spread the dirt instead of getting rid of it. Unless, you choose to use wisely the following natural ingredients, which helped me a lot in cleaning my upholstery sofa after my kids genuinely ate French fries while watching cartoons, and all the grease was spread all over the cushions and handholds.

You need:

  • dish soap
  • warm water
  • vinegar

How to proceed?

In a bowl pour warm water and add half a cup of dish soap, shake well with your hand to form a foam, and then use a clean dish sponge and thoroughly clean the grease stains from the textile sofa. Insist until the stain is completely removed. If there are old grease stains or a stubborn stain doesn’t want to be removed, and then pour 2 drops of dish detergent over it, and start rubbing again.

Now it’s time for vinegar! In a spray bottle, mix equal parts of water and vinegar, and spray over the stained area to freshen-up a bit the sofa.

Absorb the water excess with paper towels, and leave the sofa to dry. It’s indicated to leave the window open or you can use a hairdryer for it.

Image Credits: Apartmenttherapy

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