Fast Solution To Clean And Disinfect The Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink And Regain Its Original Gloss

If you are the lucky owner of a stainless steel kitchen sink, as I do, you will find the following information very useful when to comes to cleaning it. You will see how you can clean it quickly with just a few ingredients that you have in your kitchen cabinets.

You need:

– baking soda
– a spray bottle filled with white vinegar
– lemon or orange peel
– a few drops of oil
– paper towels
– a dish sponge

And now let’s see the steps you have to follow to bring back the shine to your stainless steel kitchen sink:

– Start by rubbing the sink with a damp sponge soaked in baking soda. Insist on the more difficult to clean places: at the base of the tap, around the drain, because limescale accumulates in those areas. If the sponge won’t help you to remove limescale then you can use an old toothbrush.

– Without rinsing the sink, spray the vinegar over the entire surface. The chemical reaction that will occur when combining vinegar with baking soda will remove even the last traces of limescale or soap from the surface of the sink.

– Only now you can rinse the sink with clean water until full clarification.

– Even if it seems like there is nothing to do, because your sink is already sparkling, you have to wipe the sink with a clean cloth, and then rub it lemon or orange peel to enhance its glow.

– The final step is optional and involves wiping the sink with a paper towel on which you’ve dropped a few drops of oil.

Come on, it’s not hard to bring back the shine to your stainless steel kitchen sink, and the whole job doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

Image Credits: Popsugar

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