Great Home Trick To Remove Super Glue From Tile Flooring

What can I say, Super Glue wears proudly its name, and I found this when I tried to remove a nasty hardened Super Glue drop from tile floor. It truly deserves all the reviews and awards for its strength and reliability, of course, if you use it for craft projects, but when you do a silly mistake and accidentally drop Super Glue on the floor, you may face some problems when you want to remove it.

Given its plastic consistency when it hardens, Super Glue must be dissolved carefully with some specific solvents that won’t attack the surface where is stuck on.

So, to complete the process of removing Super Glue from tiles, you need:

– acetone or isopropyl alcohol
– paper towels
– plastic wrap
– cotton cloth
– cutter or knife

How it’s done:

Important! Test the acetone on a small part of the tile to prevent any forward damaging.

First, you must clean the area very well with a cloth soaked in water. Now, moisten a piece of paper towel in acetone or isopropyl alcohol and place it over the glue (the paper towel must be well moistened in one of these solutions). Cover it with plastic wrap (you may tape the plastic wrap down not to catch air and to maintain a moist environment for the Super Glue to dissolve well). Let this solution act overnight and remove it the next morning. Use the cutter to remove the Super Glue surplus and dab the area with a cloth soaked in water. Wipe again with paper towels.

Image Credits: Cleanipedia

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