Great Solutions To Remove Salt And Grease Stains From Leather Gloves

Wearing gloves during winter and windy days will protect your hands from the dangerous environmental outside factors. Leather gloves are made from special soft leather that wrinkles quickly, that is why they need special care, especially if they get into contact with water or snow.

I wear the same pair of leather gloves for 5 years and they still look like new, because I used the below cleaning tricks. What can I say, they worked perfectly!

How to store leather gloves?

  • The best way to store the leather gloves is to wrap them in a cotton cloth.
  • If they are wet, just don’t dry them near a radiator or other heating source. It’s enough to wipe them with a cotton cloth and let them dry overnight at room temperature.

How to remove salt stains from leather gloves

If you’ve got salt stains on your leather gloves after a snow fight, then you should follow the next steps:

  • mix 3 parts water with 1 part vinegar and wipe the gloves with it. The vinegar will dissolve the salt quickly. At the end, wipe them with a cotton cloth and let them dry as such!  

How to remove mud or fat stains from leather gloves

If your leather gloves are full of dust, mud or you accidentally dropped grease on them, apply the next solution:

mix water with 5 drops of dish soap and remove the dirt with a cloth soaked in this solution, and then oint them with cleansing milk to soften the leather.

Image Credits: Davidmorgan

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