Homemade Bath Air Freshener To Send Those Unpleasant Odors Away

The bathroom must be a small sanctuary where we relax, so we should not neglect its environment or to create the most pleasant conditions, no matter how small the space is. We all want to have a pleasant fragrance in our bathrooms baths, but deodorant we found on markets has big disadvantages: most of them spray the perfume, for us to inhale it. Fortunately, it’s not the only way to make your bathroom smell good, because you can prepare your own natural bath deodorant.

Vanilla Fragrance Deodorant

The smell of vanilla is one of the best solutions if you want to get rid of unpleasant bathroom smells. If you use this natural and easy-to-use freshener, the air will be fresher.

– a spoonful of vanilla essence (10 ml)
– cinnamon sticks

Put the vanilla essence and cinnamon sticks on a plate and place it in a corner of the bathroom. Change the air freshener every few days to keep the flavor fresh.

It is very simple to make a natural bathing odor, which costs less than any other chemical odorizer. Remember, however, that it is very important to clean the bath at least once a week to better disinfect the place. Bacteria accumulation can cause unpleasant odors but is also very dangerous for health!

Image Credits: Livesimply

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