Homemade Window Cleaner To Clean Those Dirty Windows Effortlessly

Windows are exposed to all sort of environmental dirt, being very hard to clean it. That’s why most housewives resort to all kind of chemicals to get rid of it. Using chemicals is the easy way, but don’t forget how harmful are for your health. This domestic task is not pleasant, but it is necessary. To ease your work without inhaling chemical vapors, you can use the following natural remedy.

Vinegar: a solution that never fails

Even if there are many cleaning products that have the same effect, vinegar is one of the best options. In addition, it doesn’t smell as strong as certain chemicals, which can cause allergic reactions in some cases.
Tricks for cleaning the windows with white vinegar

You need:

Hot water
Newspaper or paper towels
Lemon juice

All you have to do is mix vinegar with three parts of hot water. To reduce the smell of vinegar, add a little lemon juice. If the smell is too disturbing to you, you can prepare the solution with five parts of water instead of three.

Vinegar helps to clean the dirt quickly. In this way, you will not have to rub the window, as the cloth or newspaper will slip slightly on its surface.

Image Credits: Mom4real

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