How to clean a smelly fridge like a pro

Because it’s getting contact with all kinds of food, which houses them more or less, the refrigerator can “collect” lot of bacteria. Here’s how you can effectively clean your refrigerator.
Normally, the refrigerator should be cleaned every day (but really who does obey this rule?!). But if you are cautious and you wrap all food in bowls and pots in tin foil, the refrigerator cleaning deadline is extended by up to 15 days.

How to clean the fridge?

Don’t use household cleaning products because they can be toxic or they can impregnate their smell in the fridge.
For a proper cleaning, the refrigerator must be completely thawed and all food must be removed from it. It’s best to use a wine vinegar and water solution. Rub the interior using a sponge. Finally, wipe with a dry cloth, without rinsing.

On the outside:
There are lots of special products designed for washing the fridge’s exterior, so you don’t have to improvise anything.
Don’t forget that you need to vacuum the condenser from time to time. Dust tends to accumulate there, which will cause a poor heat evacuation over time.

Other tricks:
Generally, vinegar and water solution is enough to remove any odor in your fridge. If you feel that the odor persists, try these tricks:
– Cut a lemon in half and put both halves in the fridge
– Place a box of baking soda inside the fridge – it will absorb bad odors

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