How To Clean And Remove Odors From A Coffee Grinder

I use my coffee grinder not only for grinding coffee, but also for turning any dry food (crackers, sugar, spices, walnuts) into powder.

Well, this is an easy process when you want to make your own coffee grounds or powdered sugar, but what do you do when you want to ground cloves, for example? The powder will get into every little corner of the coffee grinder creating a muddy build-up which is will be difficult to remove.

Since the coffee grinder can’t be washed, I recall to a simple and effective method to remove any residue from it.

So, you need:

  • clean paintbrush
  • rice
  • bread
  • cotton cloth
  • water
  • dish soap

Cleaning process:

Take one handful of rice and grind it in the grinder. Rice has the power to remove the coffee grounds and any unpleasant smell inside of the coffee grinder.

In case if you grinded spices, just put a few slices of bread in the coffee grinder and grind them. Bread will absorb the oil left by spices and it will remove the odors, especially clove and turmeric.

The next step is to use a the painting brush to dust out the grounds, and then dampen a cotton cloth in warm water and wipe the carefully the interior of the grinder to remove as much residues as possible.

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