How to clean stubborn stains out of a mattress

Proper resting is very important for a good health. For a good sleep you need a good quality mattress that doesn’t need to be packed with dangerous bacteria and mites. Consequently, mattress must be cleaned regularly.

Mattress general cleaning

Removing dust and invisible residues accumulated on the mattress surface should be performed regularly, and the frequency needs to be higher if you or your family members suffer from allergies.

Removing stubborn stains

If you are dealing with stubborn stains that can’t be removed with water and detergent, it’s time to take aggressive measures. Start by spraying undiluted vinegar on the stain and let it act for 5 minutes.
Next, sprinkle baking soda and allow it to act until bubbles emerging from the chemical reaction disappear completely. Vacuum the baking soda traces and, most likely, you’ll discover that the stain is gone.
Otherwise, apply hydrogen peroxide on the stain (test its effect on the fabric in advance) with a sponge and rub in circular movements. If this procedure doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to seek the services of professional cleaners!

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