How To Get Rid Of Fly Spots From Any Type Of Surface

Struggling all day long to catch an annoying fly? And when you cheerfully dance because you’ve caught the buzzing insect, your face will come down because some disgusting fly is remains are left on the wall, window or any other object where the fly was knocked down.

Anyhow, besides dealing with their annoying buzzing, flies leave behind some tiny and pretty hard-to-remove brown/yellow spots.

Well, these spots were hard-to-remove until I found this incredible way to get rid of fly poop.

You need:

  • white vinegar
  • water
  • spray bottle
  • paper towels

How to prepare:

Mix equal amounts of water and vinegar and pour it in the sprayer. Now, spray the solution over the stained surface, then spray the solution again over the paper towel and start rubbing the area. Those fly brown spots will be removed like magic.   

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