How To Get Rid Of Spiders In Your House Without Chemicals

Are you having problems with spiders in your home? Well, this situation will be forgotten with the help of the following natural remedies which turn in being very effective to get rid of spiders in your house.
Mint, tea tree, or eucalyptus essential oils are very effective natural spider repellents, and they bring a fresh tint and pleasant smell in your house compared with chemical pesticides.

1. Use a solution made of a few drops of essential oil and water and sprinkle all over the house, insisting in the spider area.

2. Put chestnuts all over your house, on the window sill, behind the doors and in the cabinets where you noticed the presence of spiders.
Although there is no scientific evidence to show that insects hate chestnuts, some people swear it is the most effective way to keep them away from your home.

3. Get rid of all those objects and plants that attract spiders, such as old newspapers, old books, empty bottles without a lid, etc. Vacuum and clean often, especially in those small places between walls and furniture, because spiders love such places where is hard to clean.

4. A pet can solve this problem, because they are all over the house, and playing with insects is actually fun for them.

5. Another effective repellent is made by mixing salt and water and spraying indoor and outdoor potted plants. The solution should be diluted, because you don’t want to kill the plants.

6. Another spider repellent solution is to crush some tomato leaves and mix them with water. Keep it in the refrigerator and use it when you need it.

7. Scented candles and the smell of tobacco act as a great repellent for spiders, so you can try mosquito-like flavors in various forms, because they are great in sending spider away.

Image Credits: Getridofthebad

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