How To Make Stained Suede Shoes Look Like New

Suede looks beautiful, always fashionable, comfortable and practical, but relatively difficult to maintain. Here are some easy tips to follow.

1. Always clean both shoes

Even if only one shoe or boot from the pair is dirty or stained, clean them both, thus avoiding color change.

2. Clean the shoes entirely

Even if only a small area of your suede shoe is stained, clean the entire surface, insisting on stains and dirty areas – you will avoid creating those “halos” or partial discoloration.

3. Remove the bright areas

After cleaning the shoes, bright areas may occur. To give the suede its normal appearance, sprinkle talcum powder, let it act at least an hour, then use fine sandpaper.

Practical tips

1. Suede shoes can be thoroughly cleaned with a brush with rubber bristles; using a eraser will have the same effect.
2. Place the shoes over a pot of boiling water. When the suede becomes moist, brush it vigorously. It will regain the desired look.
3. Cleaning footwear stained with large patches of grease: sprinkle talcum powder and let it act overnight. The following day, brush it vigorously and will regain the desired look.

Suede shoes stained with a waterproofing solution

There are two cleaning methods to try:
– Scrub vigorously with a brush moistened with white vinegar;
– Protect your hands with gloves for household purposes; soak a clean cloth in white spirit and rub gently. Rinse with a damp cloth.

Image Credits: Frontroll

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