How To Remove Minor Scratches From Marble

A home is a man’s castle and every king decorates it as their heart desire. And what better material than marble can you use to wrap your castle? Well, the beauty of this legendary material is seen on its price, but I think is worth every penny, even if you have to take great care for it, because it scratches easily.

Prevention is the key for everything, but you can’t always keep your eyes on each marble surface.

Anyway, don’t get upset if the marble surface is scratched and loses its brightness over time, because there is a quick and effective method to repair this tiny mess.

So, take a look over this article and you’ll find the most effective way in fixing scratches on marble surfaces:

  • mild dish detergent
  • warm water
  • bowl
  • 3 soft cotton cloths
  • fine sandpaper (if needed)


Well, first of all fill the bowl with warm water and add 1 cup of dish detergent. Shake well the water until foam appears. Now, moisten a soft cloth in this solution and start wiping gently the marble surface. Dust particles are the ones creating these small scratches, and most of them can be removed by cleaning gently the marble surfaces.

Take another cotton cloth, moisten it in water, squeeze it well, and then rinse the marble surface with it to remove all soap traces.

The last step is to wipe gently the marble surface with a clean cotton cloth, removing the water marks.

Anyhow, if this solution doesn’t works, just rub the scratches gently with a fine sandpaper and apply Gel-Gloss polish at the end.

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