How To Remove Mold And Mineral Deposits From A Dish Drainer

Hello America! As not every American kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher, drying your dishes, after hand washing, in the dish rank is the first option. Due to water leaking from the dishes will make the dish rack the perfect mold and mildew environment. That’s why you have to clean it weekly to prevent the appearance of mold and mildew. But, in case you haven’t respected the cleaning procedure, I think that you’re struggling with mold in the dish rack.

Anyhow, removing such bacteria from the dish rack it’s quite easy and it involves the use of a simple ingredient. In addition, it will not only remove mold traces but it will also disinfect the dish rack completely.

Try it now!

You need:

  • vinegar
  • paper towels
  • old toothbrush

Steps to follow:

In case if the mold deposits are thick and old, you have to soak a few paper towels in vinegar and apply them over the molded area. Let them to act for an hour.

I’m sure that if there are mold deposits on the dish rack, you are also struggling with hard water deposits. To remove those you can pour vinegar over the stains and rub them thoroughly with an old toothbrush.

Now, remove the paper towels from the molded area, and wash the dish rack with dish soap. Rinse well, and then let it dry naturally on a dish mat.

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