How To Remove Sharpie Stains From Wooden Furniture Without Ruining It

The kids tried their artistic skills with a Sharpie on your furniture? Don’t despair! You can clean it quickly if you turn to these simple tricks.

Tapestry, as well as other materials, can be cleaned with alcohol or acetone. But beware! Acetone can only be used for white materials because it will remove color from the colored ones.
Soak some cotton buds in one of the above solutions, and rub well the stained area. Avoid pouring alcohol directly on the stain because you will stain the area even more.

Sharpie on wooden furniture or floor can be removed with the help of toothpaste and or rubbing alcohol. Apply one of the above solutions on a clean cloth, and rub gently the stained spot. It is advisable to test this technique on a very small surface to be sure that you won’t ruin the wood.

Glass coffee tables or mirrors can be cleaned easily with rubbing alcohol. Another useful technique is to clean them with white toothpaste mixed with a little bit of baking powder. Then wipe the table with a clean cloth.

Image Credits: Homestoriesatoz

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