How To Remove That Greasy Film From Kitchen Cabinets

As anyone who cooks knows, kitchen cabinets accumulate a greasy film that is very difficult to remove. You can remove that greasy film from kitchen cabinets naturally instead of using chemical solutions that may damage your furniture.

You cannot avoid oil stains when cooking, no matter how cautious you are. After a while, these oil stains leave behind a greasy film that is difficult to remove. Cabinets, hood filters, and the outside of the decorative hood are most affected. Trying to clean the grease with a dry or wet cloth is a real hassle – you consume time and energy without getting any results. Here are some tips that will help you keep the kitchen cabinets clean.

🧴 Vinegar

Apply undiluted vinegar to a dry cloth and rub it on the cabinets. Rinse the cloth in hot water, squeeze it well, and wipe again to remove the vinegar from the cabinets. Wipe them with paper towels and be careful to remove any remaining stains.

🥣 Oil and Baking Soda

Well, you can remove grease spots with … oil. Vegetable or mineral oil can be used to remove dusty and oily film from cabinets. Prepare a paste with one part oil and two parts baking soda. Apply this paste on a clean cloth and start cleaning the cabinets. After using the oil and baking soda paste, clean the cabinets with warm water and dish detergent.

Alternatively, you can simply apply plain oil onto a paper towel, as shown in the video below.

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