How To Use Peanut Butter To Remove Sticky Adhesive Tape Residue From Tiles

Hey there! Spring is here and for many housewives this means: spring cleaning! Last week, spring blasted my apartment with a box of all sort of cleaning products to remove every inch of dirt from every house corner.
But, those toxic cleaning products were money thrown out the window, because the only thing they did was to fill my house with toxic vapors instead of removing the dirt.

There are other cleaning solutions, and on a budget, that may help you to clean your house like a pro.
And when it comes to challenges, such as removing adhesive tape residues from tiles, using house tricks is the best cleaning solution you can use. Wow! Getting rid of that tape residue from tiles really annoyed me, until I found this easy trick to remove that awful sticky mess.

You need:
– peanut butter
– dish soap
– water
– cloth
– plastic scraper

How to remove sticky adhesive tape residue:

Everyone has peanut butter in their homes, and this delicious breakfast can be used in many household problems, and removing sticky residues is one of its magic powers.

So, apply a thick peanut butter over the sticky residue, and let it act for about 1 hour. Meanwhile, you can handle other household chores!

After the time passes, mix in 300 ml of warm water 2 teaspoons of dish soap, shake the water with your palms, and then moisten the cloth in the water.

Now, remove the excess peanut butter with the plastic scraper, and use the soapy cloth to remove the sticky residues. It works from the first application, but you can repeat the process in case there are stubborn adhesive tape residues that won’t want to get off from the tiles.

Image Credits: Ducttapeanddenim

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