Mundane Cleaning Tricks To Remove Yellow Sweat Stains Out Of Collars

Some work environments require a dress code, such as the mundane white shirt and black pants. You have to obey the rules, but you must know that the white shirt will never be out-of-style, so wear it proudly at office!

The bad side of this situation is that a white shirt will easily get stained, and the collars will get a yellowish aspect after wearing it a couple of times, especially during summer.

Sweat, foundation and body oils will get impregnated in the collar of your shirt, making it impossible to be removed. Well, not so impossible, because you can use chemicals for that, but over time, bleach or other chemical whitening solutions will deteriorate badly the fabric.

To clean perfectly the collars out of sweat and foundation stains, without damaging the fabric, you can use natural solutions.

You need:

  • 2 lemons
  • dish soap
  • a soft toothbrush

Squeeze the lemons in a bowl, and soak the shirt collar in the lemon juice for half an hour. Then rinse well the collar with warm water, and pour over the yellow stains of the collar a few drops of dish soap, and rub gently between your hands or with the toothbrush any trace of sweat or foundation. Now, put the garment in the washer and wash it as usual.

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