No-Scrub Method To Remove Burnt-On Food Residues From A Griddle Scanpan

Cooking in a griddle scanpan is very healthy, and, as a bonus, this type of cookware is very easy to maintain due to its non-stick surface.

Anyhow, after cooking meat in the griddle scanpan, burnt grease residues start to gather, which, eventually, will stick to that non-stick surface.
Removing them is quite a challenge because you can’t rub the pan with harsh sponges – you’ll end scratching it!

The following burnt grease remover trick will protect the scanpan making any hard-to-remove burnt just a bad dream.

You need:

– dish sponge
– dish soap
– old toothbrush

How to clean the scanpan

  • As a personal advice you should clean the scanpan while it’s still hot-warm.
  • Clean it under the hot-warm water jet with a soapy dish sponge to remove most of the food residues.
  • Now, pour some dish soap over the scanpan surface and use the toothbrush to remove that sticky burnt grease.
  • At the end, rinse it under the water jet and use paper towels to dry the scanpan.

Image Credits: Cooking.Stackexchange

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