No Smoking Sign: How To Remove That Sticky Nicotine Film From Appliances

As a smoker, I enjoy my morning coffee along with a cigarette in the kitchen area, until this “enjoyment” leaves unsightly stains not only on your teeth, but also on the kitchen appliances. This yellowish-brown film that appears on the kitchen appliances is very hard to removed, even if you use special cleaning products.
I have this problem with the fridge! A yellowish nicotine layer is stuck all over the fridge, and every time I try to remove it the film spreads from side-to-side.

However, there is a thrifty trick that I found to remove cigarette smoke from the fridge without rubbing the surface or using harsh chemicals.

You will need some special ingredients that I’m pretty sure you already have them in the kitchen:

– baking soda
– white vinegar
– clean dish sponge

Steps to follow:
You just have to add 1 cup of baking soda to 5 cups of water. Stir well the water to dissolve the baking soda powder, and then moisten a cloth in this solution and wipe away the fridge (or any other kitchen appliance).

The second step is to mix equal parts of vinegar with water, moisten a cloth in this solution and start wiping the fridge.

At the end, rinse well with cold water and remove any trace of baking soda and vinegar. Use some paper towels or a clean cotton cloth to wipe any trace of water.
What can I say?! Your fridge will be sparkling clean with no trace of nicotine.

Image Credits: Thriftyfun

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