No Stain, No Pain! Easy Method To Remove Coffee Stains From Textile Couch

Coffee is always drunk in a relaxing environment! And what can be more comfortable than a soft and fluffy couch! But the relaxing times are over when the coffee is spilled over that fluffy and cozy couch. Hmm, well done, I said yesterday morning when I stained my sofa with coffee.

The biggest wonder is: how will I clean that awful stain before my mother comes back! When you wonder, you get the answers, because, after a quick search over the internet, I found the best solutions to clean the mess I’ve made.


Wool polyester upholstery is easily cleaned with beer.

  • Pour the beer on the stain and rub it well with a clean dish sponge. Repeat the procedure until the stain disappears. It involves some hard rubbing, but the beer yeast is a quick stain remover.

Baking soda

Baking soda is my coffee stain remover magic powder! It’s very effective for removing any type of stains, so you can easily say goodbye to problem.

  • baking soda
  • water

Mix baking soda with water to obtain a smooth paste, and apply it over the stain. Let it act for 5 minutes, and then remove it!

Tip: after removing the baking soda I used the beer remedy and the stain was gone.

Dry the area with a hairdryer and the couch is stain-free again.

Image Credits: Popsugar

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