Non-Toxic Solution To Clean And Disinfect Your Wooden Floor Effortlessly

If you want to give up chemical cleaning solutions, especially when it comes to your wooden flooring, then you clicked on the right article, because we’ve found the perfect homemade recipe to prepare a natural cleaning solution. It protects your wooden floor and it keeps germs and bacteria away. It’s perfect to use it if you have infants or pets in your house to keep a non-toxic environment.

You need:
– ½ cup of white vinegar
– 1 tablespoon of liquid soap based on olive oil
– ¼ cup of pure alcohol
– 2 cups of hot water
– essential oil (choose your favorite flavor)

Mix well all the ingredients. Then fill the bucket with water and add the above mixture in the water. Then, with a mop, clean your floors as usual, after you’ve vacuum well the house.

This solution doesn’t require rinsing afterwards.

Image Credits: Foodfunkids

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