Professional Advice To Fix Peeling Wallpaper

After years and years, the wallpaper may suffer some changes. Either its edges un-stuck, or because of environmental conditions it gets air gaps and swells. If you don’t have a budget to replace the wallpaper, you can choose the cheap version of repairing it. You don’t have to call a professional team for this, just try it yourself using some professional tips:

Wallpaper paste for un-stuck wallpaper

Un-stuck wallpaper can be easily repaired with the help of wallpaper paste. All you have to do is apply the paste on a paper sheet which you will insert it between the wallpaper and the wall. The paste will touch even the smallest corner, spreading uniformly to the un-stuck area. Then, stuck the wallpaper back to the wall and gently pull out the paper, which will slide smoothly. With a soft cloth, remove the air gaps that have formed, and your walls will look like new.

Get rid of bumps/air gaps

Bumps can occur over time, due to the adhesive that haven’t been spread uniformly or because of moisture. You can quickly get rid of the air gaps if you pinch with the needle the air gaps. Then, use your fingers to remove the air through the small hole. When the whole air is removed, apply some adhesive over the air gap to prevent the appearance of another bump.

Image Credits: Familyhandyman

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