Quick Home Hack To Remove Marker Stains From Leather Upholstery Just Like Magic

Leather upholstery is very beautiful but at the same time extremely demanding and very hard to clean. Leaving with kids is not easy, because their creativity is seen on every inch of your house, but when it happens to find some hieroglyphics on your leather furniture it will blow your mind.

I don’t know why, but my kids have found a passion in drawing the sofa, car seats and the walls make no exception. After removing the markers from walls, the challenge begun: how can I remove markers from the leather sofa and from the car seats!  

So, I tried the next solution and I really managed to get rid of marker stains from leather upholstery

You need:

  • cleansing milk
  • cotton wool

That easy! After hours of struggling the marker stains seems to go out easily from leather upholstery using cleansing milk. The great thing is that these stains will melt after getting into contact with cleansing milk. In addition, it will protect the leather!

Image Credits: Pinterest

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