Quick Trick To Remove Ink Stains From Walls In Minutes

Ink stains are very difficult to remove from fabrics, but there are some saving solutions for that, very well-known. But how do you proceed when you want to remove ink stains from walls? Happened to me last week, when my kid got angry when I send him to do his homework, and accidentally shake the pen, and some ink splashed over the walls.

Great! How to remove those blue spots, because I don’t want to repaint the walls just for that and leaving them there isn’t the option for me.

But, it seems that there is a quick trick to remove ink stains from walls without being necessary to repaint the walls.

You need:

  • absorbent paper
  • hairspray
  • cotton cloth

First step

Apply a piece of absorbent paper over the stain to remove the surplus.

Second step

Spray hairspray over the stain.

Third step

Wipe the wall with a cotton cloth and let it dry.

The stains will be completely gone with less effort and without using paint to cover them.

Image Credits: Fabhow

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