Steam Power To Remove That Sticky Grease From Oven Walls While Resting

Steam cleaning is the best way to remove grease from any kitchen appliance, especially that dirty oven. I think everyone agrees that cleaning the oven is the hardest and dirtiest task to do in the kitchen, and removing that sticky grease on oven walls is like playing Sudoku on an expert level. We have tried all chemical and non-chemical combinations, but it does not seem to work. I’m not a chemical-user fan because there are other options to eliminate dirt without harming my health, even if chemicals may remove grease quickly.

I found the perfect solution to clean the oven while resting! Sounds tempting? Well, you should know that steam has super-powers to remove any inch of grease.

Use the steam force to clean the oven

You need:

◼ A pot half-filled with water
◼ 2 or 3 cups of ammonia


🟥 Fill half a pot with water, add the ammonia and turn on the oven. Place the pot inside. Boil the mix inside the oven for a few minutes on low heat to release steam. Be sure to check periodically to prevent the water from completely evaporating.

🟨 Add water gradually so it can produce steam for 1 hour.

🟪 Hot steam will soften the grease deposited on the oven grill, on the glass door and from each hard-to-clean corner.

🟫 After the water has evaporated almost completely, turn off the heat and leave the oven with the door closed for 1-2 hours, giving the grease time to soften.

⬜ Now you can remove that sticky dirt effortlessly.

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