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DIY Laundry Stain Remover Spray! Get Rid Of Those Awful Stains

This magical cleaning product will do real wonders with your clothes. This time, we are talking about a slightly more sensitive subject from a housewife’s point of view: stain removal on textiles such as tablecloths. If you have tried all kinds of chemical based products combined with potentially allergenic ingredients such as chlorine, it’s time to try a home-made solution. …

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How To Remove All Sort Of Stains From Your Mattress

The mattress can easily be stained, especially if you have children, animals, or if you eat in bed. Accidents can happen!  At first sight, stains can be hard to remove, but there are some tricks that can save you from this job, effortlessly. If you spilled coffee, water or any other liquid on the mattress, the first step is …

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19 Tricks And Natural Solutions To Remove Stains From Clothing

When it removing stains from clothes, any housewife knows a small trick, and I’ve decided to make a collection of tricks and natural remedies to get rid of all sorts of stains from clothes. So, keep your clothes clean without ruining them with harsh detergents. 1. Red wine stains can be removed with white wine. Cover the stain with white …

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How To Remove All Sort Of Stains From Your Carpet

The entire housecleaning is real challenge for any housewife. And when it comes about cleaning your carpets you will thank us for the following advice. There are a few tricks that will save your carpets from stains, and the pet hair won’t be such a hard job to do anymore. How to get rid of pet hair from your carpet …

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