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How To Remove Sharpie Stains From Wooden Furniture Without Ruining It

The kids tried their artistic skills with a Sharpie on your furniture? Don’t despair! You can clean it quickly if you turn to these simple tricks. Tapestry Tapestry, as well as other materials, can be cleaned with alcohol or acetone. But beware! Acetone can only be used for white materials because it will remove color from the colored ones. Soak …

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How to remove permanent marker stains from any surface

If your little ones left permanent marker traces everywhere, learn how to get rid of them with simple solutions. Although it is called permanent marker, it can be cleaned, even if it reaches the walls, the carpets, the furniture or the floors. Marker drawings on upholstery or other fabric Use rubbing alcohol, glass cleaners containing alcohol or acetone to clean …

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