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How To Clean The Inside Of Stinky Shoes To Get Rid Of Odor

It is imperative to clean / wash the inside of your shoes, especially the running / casual shoes, the one you wore every day. Inevitably, your feet sweat more or less, activating bacteria that cause odor – bacteria that are transferred to the insole of the shoe. If the casual sneakers can be washed in the washing machine, other types …

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How to remove grass stains from your shoes

What could be better than walking on fresh grass, but to go back home with clean shoes? Grass stains are among the most difficult to clean, but if you want to save your shoes, we offer you 2 solutions! Use sugarcane molasses Go to any herbal store and buy colored molasses, made from sugar cane. Apply the molasses with a …

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How to remove salt stains off your shoes

Snow can leave salt stains on shoes which are very difficult to remove from certain materials, such as leather. You need: – water – clean cloth – white vinegar – 1 onion How to proceed: Moisten the cloth and remove as much salt as possible. If the stains are fresh, they will be removed easier, so don’t leave your boots …

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