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7 Steps On How To Clean Suede Items Like A Real Suede Master

Suede is a great and appreciated fabric, loved by many people for its elegancy. But it’s extremely sensitive and it stains easily. Also, it’s recommended not to clean suede using the washing machine, because you can ruin it. Below you have 7 tips to clean suede without ruining the fabric. 1. Use a damp cotton towel to rub gently the …

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How To Make Stained Suede Shoes Look Like New

Suede looks beautiful, always fashionable, comfortable and practical, but relatively difficult to maintain. Here are some easy tips to follow. 1. Always clean both shoes Even if only one shoe or boot from the pair is dirty or stained, clean them both, thus avoiding color change. 2. Clean the shoes entirely Even if only a small area of your suede …

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