The best way to keep chrome faucets shiny and spotless

Chrome sinks and faucets are elegant but difficult to maintain. No matter how often you clean them, they are always full of stains. But there is a unique and very inexpensive solution that helps keep them shiny like new.

What is the secret solution? Waxed paper! You won’t believe what effect it may have on chrome faucets and sinks! But to have the desired effect, here’s what to do:

1. Clean chrome appliances with a solution of water and vinegar (in equal amounts), to remove the water white stains (water deposits).

2. Clean the faucets with a soft microfiber cloth to dry them well.

3. Polish the appliances with waxed paper and you’ll get the luster they had when they were new. The paper will leave a very thin layer of wax on the chrome appliances surface and they will remain shiny for a few days.

Waxed paper is the best solution to prevent limescale and to keep your faucets and sanitary facilities sparkling clean! In addition, it is also very cheap!

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