The Magical Effects Of Toothpaste To Remove Burnt Traces From An Iron Soleplate

Even if this household appliance is frequently used, the iron is often neglected when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

If you look closely, you will notice that the soleplate of the iron has a darker shade, which is generally caused by ironing synthetic fabrics.

But the problem is that you will ruin your clothes if you don’t clean the sole of your iron frequently.

Toothpaste to clean the iron’s soleplate
Among the uses of toothpaste, cleaning the iron is one of them. Toothpaste will remove any burnt/dark trace from the soleplate, making it look like new.

How to proceed?
Put a little toothpaste on the cold soleplate of the iron and wipe it with a clean cloth.
Then start the steam function and let the iron stand for five minutes.

When it gets warm, clean the iron soleplate with a cloth and remove any trace of toothpaste. You will see how the burnt is gone!

Image Credits: Buzzodd

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