Use This Trick If Your Clothes Smell Like Mildew

Usually when washing machines break, people call the service center to have a repairman come to their home to take apart the whole machine. For most people, this is too much trouble and they end up buying a brand new washing machine.

You’re different though. You know that there are great DIY solutions that can save you both time and money. And fixing a washing machine with a mildew problem is no exception.

All you need to fix your washing machine is Clorox bleach and 16 ounces of white vinegar.

Quick thing, NEVER use bleach and vinegar together — it can be incredibly dangerous. Instead take turns using them.

First, mix the bleach with equal parts warm water and wipe any mildew affected areas in your washing machine with a rag soaked in your solution. Then run the washer at the hottest cycle to wash all the bleach out.

Next, add 16 ounces of vinegar to the washing machine dispenser and once again run the washing machine on the hottest cycle. Once it’s done, you’ll find that your washing machine will look and function as good as new!

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